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International cuisine


Italian or Asian? With so many delicious meals it can be hard to pick just one – but here you will be lucky to experience the most of them.
This fusion restaurant offers traditional Italian and Japanese food as well as unique combinations – it’s something different.

The chefs, Pavel Grotskyy, Mikhail Kutchma, and Stas Ivanov have been creating their own signature dishes and the bartender Dmitryy Nesterov is a true expert behind their cocktails.

Restaurant’s specialties:
Pizza Simach with salmon and mascarpone, Pappardelle with rabbit and spinach, Orzo with scallops, Filet Mignon with potato-truffle squash, Beef tartar with truffle salt and celery chips, Cream cake with mush

RAW: Sushi, Rolls, Sashimi – our HIT: Rolls Pinskiy with avocado, eel, and berries

Breakfast/Brunch menu: Poached egg with guacamole, Scrambled eggs with truffle, Belgian waffles with avocado mush and grilled shrimp, French omelet with prawn

Address: Rosa square 1

Open daily: 9.00 AM - 11.00 PM

Book table: +7 938 497 50 28