Rosa Khutor’s culinary scene has been getting attention over the last few years, with fine dining restaurants, some of them led by famous chefs. Resort’s local cuisine blends an existing mix of Caucasian, Russian, Japanese, and Italian influences and the local chefs are embracing it like never before and introducing it to you.

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Fine Dining

Red Fox

It is a Sothern Russian cuisine restaurant. The flagship project of WRF, located in Rosa Khutor, is one of the brightest representatives of modern Russian cuisine.

The restaurant’s menu has been created by Vladimir Mukhin. His unique recipes and the use of local organic ingredients have made it the best restaurant in the Krasnodar region.

Address: Naberezhnaya Lavanda, house 13

Book table: +7 862 274 44 44

Open daily: 12.00 AM until the last guest

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Fine dining


Is a seafood restaurant of the WRF, located in the same house as Red Fox. Vladmir Mukhin has created the most interesting and delicious meals in order to demonstrate all the best of the Pacific seafood – and all that at our Resort.

King crab, Sakhalin shrimps, scallops, trumpet fish, red salmon, lingcod, and many other delicacies of the Sakhalin, an East Russian island, form the menu and fascinate the guests the most.

Address: Naberezhnaya Lavanda, house 13

Book table: +7 862 246 00 00 E: sakhalin.rest.sochi@wrf.su

Open daily: 12.00 AM -12.00 PM

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Fine dining


The Steakhouse, our new hotspot in the dining scene, a member of the WRF group, is located in the heart of the resort, on the promenade of the Mzymta river. The restaurant’s interior design in the style of a luxury hunting lodge with an open kitchen provides an immediate impression of ambiance. 

The lighting concept, vintage furniture, and trendy décor make it a romantic place. Our passionate and dedicated team of Hospitality professionals are here to bring you and your friends an unforgettable fine dining experience. 

Powered by wood, fire and lime broom, only the best cuts make it onto our original grill oven. Meat lovers will appreciate this truly spectacular barbecue feast with steak served to the point and a variety of homemade sauce and side dishes.

Address: Naberezhnaya Lavanda, 3, 2nd floor

Book tabke: +7 965 480 70 70 E: reserve@ogonekrestoran.ru

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Fine Dining

Restaurant IKRA

The new culinary highlight – chef’s table of Vladimir Mukhin takes you on a tour of the rich history of the Circassians. His recipes have a storied past marked by generations of tradition which allows him to create unique dishes.

The flavor combinations are inventive and nuanced, and the presentation is playful yet refined in all the best ways - turning your dinner into an unforgettable experience.
Don’t forget to stop and discover the magic taste of the North Caucasus.

Where: Rosa Khutor Valley, Lavanda emb., No. 3 (next to the Hotel Mercure 4*)
Open daily: 12.00 - 23.00
Book table: +7 862 444 04 00

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Fine Dining

Black bar and grill

The Radisson hotel’s Black Bar and Grill restaurant, located in the Rosa Khutor Valley, is the perfect location to enjoy your lunch or dinners with your family or friends in a stylish atmosphere.

Black Bar and Grill is the scene for truly amazing culinary, fantastic grilled meat, vegetables and a huge choice of drinks and cocktails will be offered all the days.

Address: Hotel Radisson, 4 Panorama Embankment, Rosa Khutor Valley

Opening hours: 8.00 AM – 11.00 PM

Book table: +7 862 243 13 77


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Fine Dining

The Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Restaurant offers the best of European cuisine along with a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy friendly talks, family lunches, or romantic dinners. The delicious cuisine and the elegant décor make it a favorite place of resort guests.

The outdoor terrasse opens a beautiful view of the Caucasus Mountains and the Mzymta river.
Address: 2, Panorama Embankment, Rosa Khutor Valley

Opening hours: 7.00 AM – 11.00 PM

Book table: + 7 862 243 00 00


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