No matter, if you had a long hiking day or just strolling through the Rosa Khutor Valley and enjoying the holiday atmosphere, the fresh mountain air makes you hungry.

An exciting mixture of culinary discovery and cultural experience awaits you!

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Rosa Khutor Valley

Che? Harcho!

A must-visit for the new experience. This restaurant belongs to the White Rabbit Family restaurant group led by the famous Russian chef Vladimir Mukhin. Vladimir’s recipes are new combinations of Georgian cuisine and Sochi's culinary tradition.

Restaurant’s specialties:
Grilled chicken, Lamb shashlik, Homemade khinkali, Black sea fish, borsch, mussels in the creamy sauce

Here you can always feel that southern generosity combines with true Caucasian hospitality.
In the evening: live music and cozy atmosphere

Address: Rosa Khutor - Mzympta Square 1, Bldg. Mzymta Dvor - 2nd floor

Book table: +7 862 243 97 18

Open: 11.00 AM - 11.00 PM, Credit cards accepted

Workshops and various events possible

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Rosa Khutor Valley


Italian or Asian? With so many delicious meals it can be hard to pick just one – but here you will be lucky to experience the most of them.
This fusion restaurant offers traditional Italian and Japanese food as well as unique combinations – it’s something different.

The chefs, Pavel Grotskyy, Mikhail Kutchma, and Stas Ivanov have been creating their own signature dishes and the bartender Dmitryy Nesterov is a true expert behind their cocktails.

Restaurant’s specialties:
Pizza Simach with salmon and mascarpone, Pappardelle with rabbit and spinach, Orzo with scallops, Filet Mignon with potato-truffle squash, Beef tartar with truffle salt and celery chips, Cream cake with mush

RAW: Sushi, Rolls, Sashimi – our HIT: Rolls Pinskiy with avocado, eel, and berries

Breakfast/Brunch menu: Poached egg with guacamole, Scrambled eggs with truffle, Belgian waffles with avocado mush and grilled shrimp, French omelet with prawn

Address: Rosa square 1

Open daily: 9.00 AM - 11.00 PM

Book table: +7 938 497 50 28 

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Rosa Khutor Valley


Pizza - Pasta - Grill: a perfect harmony of taste. Luciano is a cozy restaurant located in the heart of Rosa Khutor, at Rosa Townhall square No. 2. Sitting on the terrace you can enjoy your food as well as the beautiful scenery of the Caucasian Mountains.

Our specialties:

Neapolitan pizza, crispy bruschetta and amazing pasta, classical Italian tiramisu is a must-have
Brunch menu including a glass of Prosecco: every day from 10.00 AM - 2.00 PM  

We are looking forward to welcoming you here.

Address:  Rosa Townhall (Ratusha) square 

Book table: +7 862 243 97 20

Open daily: 9.00 AM - 10.00 PM

For more information visit our homepage

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Rosa Khutor Valley


It’s a great culinary project developed by Novikov group, the leader in the restaurant business in Russia. This Gastro-Center, in a fabulous environment, offers American burgers, Barbecue, European cuisine, Caucasian specialties as well as Pub food.

Interieur design with warm wooden furniture in a Chalet style ensures alpine comfort and a cozy atmosphere. The Open kitchen fascinates watching chefs preparing different dishes.

Our Specialties:

Grilled fish, chicken, lamb, kebab, and shashliks

Pelmeni (Russian dumplings) with meat filling, Vareniki (filled dumplings - vegetarian and sweet)


Fresh salads, cold and warm starters caucasian style

Address: Naberezhnaya Lavanda, No. 6

Book table: +7 938 491 12 55

Open daily: Restaurant 10.00AM - 12.00 PM