Experience freedom in fresh powder snow! 
No rush or long ques at the lift - just the fresh powder that gives you that wonderful grip! A striking terrain and the silent forest far away from the regular slopes create a unique and relaxed atmosphere.
People always look for the unused - the real closeness to nature. The breathtaking panorama of the mountain range, exactly what you will find in Rosa Khutor.

Before taking your first swings down the hill you will need to take the Caucasus Express up to 2320m above sea level. While going up the mountain you can already get a first glimpse at the terrain and find your perfect line. Once you have found your personal line you can conquer the moguls, forests, and cliffs of our hidden freeride paradise. Our unique terrain provides endless possibilities to experience your personal highlight.
If you are not from around the area, don't hesitate to contact the locals.
With your guide and his local knowledge, you will explore even the loneliest angles and experience unforgettable moments. Our local skiers and snowboarders can't wait to introduce you to the north and south hang of the Aibga Ridge. While the northern hangs are steep and will challenge your stamina the south hangs are more relaxed due to forests and fewer hangs bur with more powder snow.
In the Rosa Khutor Sports Arena, the x km of Off-Piste-Fun promises lots of amusement. From the peak station, various trails for all different freeride styles lead to the middle station.

You can experience the following slopes:
•       Yuriev Khutor Ride
•       Ober Khutor
•       Forest
•       Crazy Khutor
•       Fwt and 'Suicide'
•       Aibga Ridge

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February 10 - 13, 2023


Are you ready for 2023?
To start off the new year Rosa Khutor Resort is going to host the Freeride World Qualifiers! Perfect conditions as well as a safe and supportive environment guarantee for an amazing experience!

About 80 pro-level athletes are going to participate in the contest, among which some are not only the best in Russia but also local to the Rosa Khutor Resort area.

February 9, 2023
Riders accreditation

February 10, 2023
Qualification runs

February 11, 2023
Final runs
Awards ceremony and official party

Aibga Ridge | Elevation: 2250 on the top | Vertical drop: 400m | Length of slope: 1500m |
Steepness: from 20 to 45 degrees | Average snow fall (in cm) 200 -200 | Spectator viewing position: from the slopes and judging point