Choose from different lines varying from professional features to beginner-sized jumps as well as many exciting rails and boxes.
Start small and work your way up and down on 725 meters of freestyle trails. The park is located at 1600 meters of altitude and vertically spreads over 50 meters downhill, featuring numerous different lines for all skill levels. From small jumps to rails, boxes, and ledges for beginners to giant ramps for adrenaline-seeking daredevils, our freestyle terrain area at Rosa Khutor Resort was developed by true winter sports lovers and are built for the very same!

Good to know: At the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi several Freestyle competitions were held at our freestyle site!

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We can’t wait for your tricks and lines!

Quicksilver Star Camp currently offers:

  • Superpipe
  • 7 Rails
  • 12 Ledges and Boxes
  • 3 Small ramps
  • 2 Medium jumps
  • 1 Giant ramp

Terrain Park Safety:

Make a plan, look before you leap, easy style it, respect gets respect.

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Your safety is our top priority:
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