The joy of active outdoor exercise, delight in the fragrant alpine air, and a highlight for your taste.

Here at Rosa Khutor Resort you can start your alpine adventure not only on the slopes but also in our mountain restaurants and travel through our culinary region and taste the caucasian as well as international dishes created by the local chefs. Our mountain restaurants are along the slopes and await you. Everyone will find their favorite place for a stopover.


Take some time off your winter adventure and stop by in one of our numerous mountain huts. Below you can find a list of different bars & restaurants on the mountain. 
Try out traditional dishes or explore a new, local and modern take on the southern Russian cuisine and let our chefs blow your mind with finessed meals that will bring delight to your tastebuds.

Here are some mountain restaurants for your refreshment break:

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Mountain restaurant

vysota (Peak) at 2320 m

Whether you would like to reward yourself after an active day in the snow or take in a lunch refreshment, our mountain restaurant has just the right thing for you.





Enjoy the sun on our terrace, drink a cold beer, and admire the scenery or line up one’s stomach with warm hearty comfort food. A hot soup or a cup of our traditional tea blends, the 'Vysota' is known for its hospitality, regional and traditional food as well as its beautiful view from the peak.
Our chefs are especially proud to use only the finest products from our local farmers, with dairy products, fish, and herbs coming from local farmers and the woods of the western Caucasus.

Definitely worth a visit for your break!

Opening hours & Getting here:

You can’t miss us! Our hut is located directly at the 'Kavkazskyy express' station at the Peak.
Opened daily 9.30 AM to 5.15 PM


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Mountain Restaurant


If you cannot get enough of the mountains and you want to be back on track as fast as possible you should stop by the Berloga Buffett & bar. This place is simple, fast, and most importantly – delicious! Warm, hearty local cuisine and home cooking on a budget are what make this place a fantastic stopover location for skiers and snowboarders who are in a hurry to get back on the boards!

On the menu: Everything your heart is craving for after those exhausting runs you’ve probably already had! From grilled meats to Pilaw and fresh desserts – at Berloga you can get anything you like for a decent price! The perfect place to feed your whole riding squad of friends. The perfect place to feed the bunch of hungry guys!

After 5.00 PM you can come to the Berloga for a few drinks and mingle with the locals!

Opening hours & getting here:

At the Rosa Plateau (1170m)
Rosa Base 'Priyut', on the first floor

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Mountain restaurant

ALASKA Bar & Grill

A mini-chalet at 1170 meters of altitude with a beautiful panoramic view and delicious specialties of our region!

Fans of skiing and snowboarding can take a break at ALASKA and try the popular and well-known grilled chicken, burgers, grilled sausages, home-made pelmeni or just enjoy the view and drink aromatic punch while enjoying company and hospitality.

A perfect and cool way to finish your day on the mountain.

Opening hours & getting here:

Serving warm meals and refreshments for you:
daily between 10.00 AM and 10.00 PM
You can find us right next to the 'Olympia' lift at the mountain Olympic village

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Mountain Restaurant


A restaurant with a modern take on southern Russian cuisine that focuses on using locally produced products and the highest quality ingredients of the Caucasus.
The chef’s at “Grusha” will stun you with beautiful steaks grilled above the open fire and aromatic smoked fish from the Black sea.

The Grusha’s signature dish the baffles food lovers from close and far are the so-called Sachalin seafood that is treated specially with liquors.
Opening hours & getting here:

Daily from 11.00 AM to midnight
In the mountain Olympic village at the “Medoveya” street 8/1

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Cafe 'LES'

The Café “Les” is located at one of the most picturesque places around Rosa Khutor. As the name “Les” that translates to forest already suggests, this little hidden gem lies in the coniferous mountain woods. Surrounded by century-old trees and the ‘Mendelikha’ water falls this restaurant is a truly peaceful retreat for the entire family and friends!

You will realize how easy it is to let go and relax at the Café Les, the woody interior is warm, hearty and inviting. 
A panoramic view and a terrace add to the mountain’s café’s ambiente and atmosphere.
Surrounded by old trees and waterfalls, this is the place to let your soul dangle a bit and recharge your batteries. 
Unique for the Café ‘Les’: The Spanish “Josper” oven. Our local chefs will spoil your taste buds with juicy, aromatic and local vegetables and meats grilled in the Josper oven! 

Opening hours & getting here:

Open from 10.00 AM to 4.30 PM
On the south hang of Rosa Khutor at the stopover station of the 'Edelweiss' lift

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Pizza and Pasta lovers out there, take notes – the Pizzeria ‘Al Monte’ serves freshly baked pizza as well as Italian classics and Pastas worth trying out! Situated on 1350 meters above sea level, in between the lifts Zapovedny Les and the Caucasian Express you can find this lovely little ristorante.

Opening hours & getting here:

Daily 10:00 – 17:00 o’clock
At the intersection of Zapovedny Les and the Caucasian express lifts

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Are you in the mood for a cozy little hut with a panoramic view and a diverse menu? The Yeti Café might be just the right place for you! Traditional pilaw, numerous comfort foods that are typical for the western Caucasus, and diverse coffee and dessert menu will make you fall in love with this place.

Friendly service combined with the price-worthy meals and drinks make this a perfect place for a get-together with your winter sports partners!

Opening hours & getting here:

Daily from 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM
At the slope B52, next to the 'Beseda' lift

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