Home of outdoors – something unique for all our guest!


Our street gyms have been specially designed to suit all ages and all abilities. There are several dedicated fitness zones with more than 50 different products, performing 100+ exercises in Rosa Valley and Rosa Olympic village. The Out & Fit outdoor gyms are located in public spaces and can be used by yourself anytime and for free!

The fitness equipment, developed by sports and exercise professionals, is simple and safe to use. Whether that’s to have fun with friends or families or provide an intense workout for gym lovers.

Exercising in the fresh air has a lot of benefits and also is environmentally friendly.

Physical and mental health benefits:

  • Improving well-being and strengthening communities
  • Building strength in all the major muscle groups
  • Developing cardiovascular fitness
  • Improving flexibility, balance and coordination



A special fitness zone 'Workout' has been designed and developed by the company KenguruPro. Different horizonal bars provide users with a range of functional callisthenic training possibilities.
Push-ups, Pull-ups, Dips and sits, chin-ups, hanging legs raises – for beginners and advanced athletes.


Out & Fit and Workout equipment can be used for group trainings as well. In this case, you have to rent the space. 


For the group of 10 people: 2000 rub per hour 

For each additional guest: 200 rub per hour


Booking: in advance by phone: + 7 928 44 55 056 or at the reception of the hotel RIDERS LODGE

Street gyms are located:

Olympic village: 1, Victoria square

Olympic Village: 6, Sulimovka street

Rosa Valley: Rosa beach /behind the hotel 'Radisson'