The iconic Russian ‘Banya’ – this century old tradition not only presents a form of wellness, its rather a way of life. For the locals it’s a place to communicate, bring people closer together and share their beliefs. Whether you seek for inspiration or just want to relieve stress – as part of an authentic experience, a visit to the Russian sauna is a must when visiting the country.

Be it after a cold day on the slopes or succeeding a hike through the mountain forests – 'Rosa Khutor' is the perfect place to indulge in some well-deserved self-care. Give your thoughts free reign, lean back and just let your mind wander.


Right along the ‘Mzymta’ river, in the ‘Rosa Valley’ lies the ‘ESPAS Banya & Spa’ – the well-known and charming place offers a broad variety of treatments, from steam therapy to facial care, each one combines age-old traditions and modern techniques.

Don’t stress if you are new to the 'Banya' experience, we will guide you along the way.

  • Steaming procedures and rituals - 'parenie' procedures and 'venik' rituals
  • Hammam 
  • Body therapy & reflexology
  • 'Fito' Bar - herbal teas, organic soft drinks and small snacks

New beginnings start here.

Discover our special package 'Rosa & Espas', which includes:

  • A quadricycle ride around the Rosa Khutor resort
  • Espas Banya & Spa procedures (1.30PM - 3.30PM)
    • Warm up with the oak 'venik' and an aroma therapy
    • Signature steam bath rituals (parenie and venik) - 'Steam & Ice'
    • Hammam
    • Relax bath in the large cauldron
    • Tea ceremony (herbal tea and aromatic ginger tea)
    • Massage treatment
  • Dinner at a local restaurant

Price: 9000 rub per guest


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Russian Banya

steaming and venik rituals

This is a truly unique procedure in the world. 
You will be accompanied to a steam room where your banshchik (your personal guide) will add water on the stones to increase the humidity and temperature reaching the best conditions for maximum detoxication.

Steaming - 'Parenie' improves circulation by stimulating dilation of the capillaries and promoting blood flow and oxygenation of the entire body. Intensive sweating removes toxins and waste substances from the body.

The origins of Russian banya trace back to local forests, drawing on the elements of wood, fire, water and the venik (which is an instrument that brings all three together in the ritual of steaming 'parenie' or the 'venik' massage). The steam of the banya, aroma of the venik and a massage 'a venik lashings' relax the muscles and help strengthen your immune system.

In other words, parenie benefits the whole body and you will emerge from your treatment feeling restored, refreshed and relaxed.


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Russian Banya

hammam treatments

We offer several treatments, all of which are a treat for mind, body, and skin. Thanks to its use of warm and steam conditions, as well as relaxing massage elements, you will find it hard to find a treatment more pampering and relaxing than hammam.

After the steaming (parenie) ritual, your skin is ready for a deep cleansing like the soap massage, body scrub and body wrap.

We offer: 

  • Chocolate & coffee scrub
  • Cocos scrub
  • Sea salt scrub
  • Moroccan soap massage
  • Natural body wraps 

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Russian Banya

body therapy

Our therapy procedures combine old meditative traditions and modern therapeutic work for a deeply relaxing experience. It is a very effective therapy for many types of imbalances and health issues.

We offer:
Reflexology treatments
The special healing application of this massage combines applying pressure to specific points on the head, feet and hands to help restore and release the flow of energy throughout the body.
Hot stones massage
This treatment is deeply relaxing and comforting. The heat of the stones relaxes muscles and allows therapists to work deeper on points thought to energetically balance the mind and body.
Body massages
Massage therapy helps the digestive system, circulatory system, nervous system as well as immune system.

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Russian Banya

facial experience

A true vacation feeling is the best credential for a day at Espas. This is when you can take the time to relax and look after yourself. For all applications we only use natural, organic skincare products. 

Our facial treatments improve blood circulation by allowing more nutrients and oxygen to enter your skin, relax muscles and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Just let us know what benefits you’re looking for and we will find the right beauty treatment for you.  

Our facial and beauty treatments:


  • Various signature facial treatments
  • Anti-aging resurfacing treatments for looking fresh and vital
  • Organic freshen up facial (peeling, organic botanical cleanse, and moisture mask)
  • Dedicated treatments with facial oils for keeping your skin vital


espas Banya & SPA

Where we are: 5 Naberezhnaya Lavanda, Rosa Khutor - Rosa Valley

Opening hours: 10.00AM - 12.00PM, Book: online

Contact us: +7 938 454 18 80