Give your energy levels a boost, find your inner balance and enjoy the feeling of being at peace with your body and soul - Start your day with yoga!
Victoria Mozhina, flow style ‘Hatha’ yoga teacher, has developed her own special program called ‘Garuda’ yoga. Her classes take place at her own studio in ‘Rosa Khutor’ as well as outdoors, while overlooking the scenic mountain panorama of the ‘Aibga’ ridge.
Victorias love for yoga allowed her to deepen her understanding of the art and science behind the practice. She focuses heavily on breathing techniques, teaching how to take advantage of the power of breathing through different techniques and also teaches the more challenging ‘power’ yoga.

20 years of experience and multiple certificates gurantee an amazing yoga experience for all skill levels.


Victorias yoga classes at a glance

Hatha yoga class

This 45-90 minute class involves breathing, body and mind.

Pranayama breathing yoga class

Practice breathing techniques to balance your life, body and energy levels.

Anti-gravity yoga class

In this class, so-called hammocks are suspended from the ceiling and used for various poses to help you keep your balance while doing yoga poses. Our instructors will guide you through each pose and movement, reminding you when to inhale and exhale and offer movement modifications if needed. Participants particularly enjoy the poses that aid in reducing back pain.

Yoga nidra class

This class is a form of guided meditation. It can be practiced by anyone, whether you have previous yoga/meditation experience or not. Yoga Nidra will help you achieve a deeper rest and teach relaxation techniques for better sleep.

Meditation class

Get comfortable and learn meditation techniques as well as forms that will help you calm your mind and align your body.

Yoga lunch class

Join in on fun yoga exercises over lunch break. 


  • Morning yoga classes: 9.00AM – 11.00AM
  • Midday yoga classes:  1.00PM – 14.00PM
  • Evening yoga classes: 5.30PM – 8.30PM

As part of our weekly active program, we offer yoga every day.

Individual lessons and private courses can be booked at any time.


  • One-time session: 600 rub
  • 5-sessions package: 2450 rub
  • 10-sessions package: 4900 rub
  • 'Special value deal' for one month, unlimited number of sessions: 5900 rub
  • Individual class – one-time session:  2000 rub
  • One-time session Anti-gravity yoga: 1200 rub
  • One-time session lunch yoga: 400 rub (60 minutes)

Contact us:

GARUDA YOGA, Address: Rosa Square 1, Rosa Valley 

Phone No.: + 7 938 888 27 78,  E-mail: , Opening hours: 8.00AM – 9.00PM

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