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Are you ready for the full outdoor experience? To become one with nature?

Green meadows, majestic peaks and a blue sky – that is the scenery you’ll experience on a hike to the ‘Bzerpinsky Karniz’ or Nakhazo.

In high altitude lies the heart of the wilderness. Relax in exhilarating silence, connect with our guides and explore our unique landscape. Watch the animals in our biosphere reserve and listen to the chirping of the birds.

Relax in front of your tent, drink a cup of hot ‘Chai’ and watch the sun go down and the sky turn red. Snuggle up in your blanket under a starry night sky and take in memories that will stay forever.

Camping in the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve is managed by our Active Holiday Center. You don’t have to worry about any permits, we take care of it for you! The best time of the year for a camping adventure is from the beginning of May until the end of October.



  • Panoramic views of the sorrounding mountains
  • Frehsly brewed tea from mountain herbs, dried wild apricots, hazelnuts, local cheese, salami...
  • Small lakes and a lot of rhododendrons
  • Wildlife and butterflies
  • Romantic evenings, legends, stories and good conversation by a campfire
  • Friendship and beyond



  • The trail to the ‘Bzerpinsky Karniz’ (Берпинский карниз) is primarily used for hiking, backpacking or trekking and is one of the most popular mountain tours around ‘Krasnaya Polyana’.
  • The trail is about 11 km long with an ascent of 800 m.
  • For nature enthusiasts we recommend to spread the hike over 2 or 3 days. We offer overnight camping stays in tents and small houses (pre-booking required!).
  • The trail starts at the town hall of Rosa Khutor. Our experienced guides will take you to the ‘Bzerpinsky Karniz’. While on your hike, you get to admire the surrounding mountains and untouched nature. Upon reaching the mountain plateau, you’re invited to take a rest and enjoy mountain tea or walk over to the hills ‘Tabunnaya’ and Peak ‘Bzerpi’.
  • We promise you’ll get to experience an evening with a sunset you’ll never forget.



Check the weather forecast, pack your gear and start planning:

We recommend comfortable and water-resistant clothes that keep you cool in hot temperatures and dry if things turn cold and wet. Mountain weather changes very quickly.

Never hike without a rain jacket - you just never know when you will be caught in a rainstorm! A sun hat prevents sunburn and is also useful for keeping insects from dropping in your hair.

Your footwear should provide support, protection from rocks and roots, and traction on wet and dry surfaces.


Please, book your tour in our Active Holiday Center at Rosa Valley.

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