NATURE IS our home

The Sochi National Park spans over 193.000 acres and counts 50 rivers with over 80 tributary streams and canyons. Come and visit this unique spot on earth and explore an area with a sheer endless richness of wildlife and plants!

Sustainable and safe tours through the Sochi National Park are a huge part of our philosophy and belong to our top priorities. The park rangers are all locals and from around the area, they take big pride in what they are doing. You can expect lots of passion, enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of nature from them. We provide active, authentic and impressive adventures along our tours and will do everything in our power to ensure you experience a wonderful trekking holiday.


  • 'Psakho' river canyon
  • 'Keyva' waterfalls
  • 'Narzan' springs
  • 'Bzerpinsky karniz'

1 day tours,  10 - 20 km

Group size: max 10 guests with one guide

Trekking tour


On this tour, native roots and natural diversity run deep. You’ll walk along a rocky path following the “Psakho” river. Listen to the peaceful sound of the stream and the gentle hissing of the waterfall. These yew and boxwood forests are home to mystic stories and legends.

The tour will take a full-day and, especially in summer, is recommended for more experienced hikers and backpackers. Along the trail you will discover turquoise colored lakes and a recreational zone with cafes at the entrance of the canyon.

Trekking tour:


The Krasnodar region is known for its beautiful waterfalls and canyons. They contribute to the fascination and the attraction of the National Park's scenery and have their own atmosphere and character as well as legend history.

Mark it on your bucket list. You will be surprised by the spectacular landscape!
The hiking tour to 'Kayva' is 4 km long and takes about 4 hours including the return to Rosa Khutor. The terrain is a mix of trekking through creek beds, climbing over large rocks and through tight cleaves.


Trekking tour


Another active day in Sochi National Park awaits you! Join us on our trekking tour to the mineral springs of the ‘Narzan’ forest. Gather endless impressions and emotions of the surrounding landscape. Discover endemic plants, our unique biodiversity and simply experience the freedom in the woods of the Western Caucasus.

The tour will take you approximately 6 to 7 hours. Don’t forget your camera and binoculars! Our professional and experienced guides can’t wait to show you the diversity of our countryside. Organic tea and delicious snacks will enhance your adventure even further.


Trekking tour


The tour to the ‘Bzerpinsky Karniz’ starts at the town hall of Rosa Khutor. It is one of the most popular tours in Krasnaya Polyana.

Our guides will take accompany you on your 18km long hike up the mountains. Conquer the 800 meters of ascent and admire the green grass, a breathtaking mountain panorama and our unique animal species. If you decide to extend your hike and stay overnight in one of our tents, we promise you’ll get to experience an unforgettable sunset and starry night sky. The hike up will take you about 8 hours, at a relaxed pace.

Guest impressions

Visiting this region exceeded my expectations. The group of guests was wonderful and our guide very helpful. He answered all of our thousand questions...I enjoyed this trip, learned a little bit russian and met nice people.

Klaus, October 2019



You can choose to end your trekking day with a few relaxed hours in the banya, a speedy dash down our summer tobbogan run or a night out under the starlit sky!