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The Sochi National Park with its 193 thousand ha, 50 rivers, 80 feeders, streams and canyons is very popular among the tourists.

You can visit these unique places with our passionate guides, they bring a passion and knowledge of the National Park nature to the tours. Their qualification in eco-tourism ensure safe and professional managed trek, their enthusiasm and love of the Caucasian wilderness guarantees the trip of a lifetime.

We provide active, authentic and impressive adventures on our tours, so that you will experience a wonderful trekking holiday.


  • Canyon of the Psakho river
  • To the waterfall 'Keyva'
  • To the 'Narzan' springs
  • To the Bzerpinsky carnice

1 day tours,  10 - 20 km

Group size: max 10 guests with one guide

Trekking tour


On this trekking tour, natural diversity abounds and native roots run deep. The very place you have been walking along the Psakho river, with its rocky path, the rhythmic murmur of water, the gentle sputter of the waterfall, fresh air in the relic yew & boxwood forest, is home to fascinating stories and legends.

On this all-day trip, we hike along the river Psakho to the canyon. It is rather deep with rocks reaching heights of tens of meters. The trail starts at a waterfall (wet canyon) where you can take a swim in its turquoise-colored water. After walking about 2 km, you reach the Dry canyon, a narrow cleft in the rocks reaching a height of several dozens of meters. It is a former bed of the river Psakho. Here you can walk over to the Dry Canyon and admire ancient trees growing inbetween rocks and boulders covered in moss.
This trail includes a recreational zone with various cafes at the entrance of the canyon.
During the spring months, we recommend this tour to our more advanced hikers since you walk through water during parts of your hike. During summer and autumn, this trail is more relaxed and recommended for hikers of all skill levels and ages. 

Trekking tour:


Krasnodar region is known for its beautiful waterfalls and canyons, the most fascinating part of the National Park's scenery. They have their own atmosphere and character as well as legend history.

Please, mark it on your holiday list. You will be surprised by the spectacular landscape. 

The hiking tour to 'Kayva' is 4 km long and takes about 4 hours including the transfer from/to Rosa Khutor.

The terrain experienced on this trek is a mix of trekking through creek beds, climbing over large boulders and through tight spaces.


Trekking tour


Another active day in Sochi National Park, also known for its mineral springs, will boost your vitality as well as overall mood. Join us for this tour. It's about a lot of emotions and impressions. 

The tour goes along the mountain river. The spectacular sorrounding country is beatuful, with many rare endemic plant, chestnut woods, giant farns and animal species.

This trek in nature give you freedom to discover this unique part of the Western Caucasus. 

What to know in advance:

18 km of walking, 6 - 7 hours, amazing pictures, experienced and professional guides, delicious snack on the trail


Trekking tour


The tour to the Bzerpinsky carncie is one of the most popular mountain tours around Krasnaya Polyana. The trail is about 11 km long with an ascent of 811 m. The tour is moderate and takes 8 hours of relaxed trekking.

The trail starts at Rosa valley - town hall. Our experienced guides will take you to the Bzerpinskyy karniz, a place featuring small homes and tents. While on your hike, you get to admire surrounding mountains and untouched nature. Upon reaching the mountain plateau, you’re invited to take a rest and enjoy mountain tea or walk over to the hills Tabunnaya and Peak Bzerpi. Our tour guides are ready to give advice whenever you need help or have a question. The hike ends in Rosa Valley.
If you decide to extend your hike and stay overnight in one of our tents, we promise you’ll get to experience an unforgettable evening with a sunset you’ll never forget.

Guest impressions

Visiting this region exceeded my expectations. The group of guests was wonderful and our guide very helpful. He answered all of our thousand questions...I enjoyed this trip, learned a little bit russian and met nice people.

Klaus, October 2019