it's a good day to ride


For those seeking a little more action: Rosa Khutor Resort offers a variety of thrilling mountain bike tracks for all skill levels!
Our routes lead through an amazing landscape of the Caucasian Mountains, idyllic forest and alpine pastures. Something special for everyone. 

To highlight the most significant landmarks of Sochi National Park and the unique area around the Black Sea coast, our Active Holiday Center specifically designed a variety of tours and rides through our region. Hop on one of our bikes and discover the beauty of the surrounding with us.

Our equipment rentals will be happy to assist, and find the perfect mountain bike for you.
Electric mountain bikes are very popular and an awesome way to maximize your experience. Ascent or descent, it doesn’t matter, just rent an e-bike and take off!

Guided Tours include:

  • Rental of 'Specialized Turbo Levo' bicycles and helmets
  • Guidance by our professional guides 
  • A healthy refreshment - mountain tea prepared from our regional herbs
  • Entrance fee to Sochi National Park
  • Boundless fun and a new experience


The perfect mountain trail for adventurers who want to face the challenge of mountain-biking for the first time.

  • Ups and Downs
  • Comfortable riding
  • Mountain landscape
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Memorable holiday moments

After the action, you can visit one of our mountain restaurants and enjoy a well-earned break. Try out regional specialties and recharge your batteries for upcoming adventures. 



This popular trail is a guided mountain bike ride through the numerous Olympic facilities of Rosa Khutor. For example, you can ride through the Rosa Stadium and try yourself out at our halfpipe that is also connected with a drag lift to take you up again. Afterward, our tour guides can take you to Shishin Dvor, an ethnic-farm situated on a scenic and bright area of the mountain. Shishin Dvor is open all year and already awaits your visit! 

Difficulty level: moderate
Distance: 8 km
Duration time: 1-2 hour
Daily guided tours until 30th of October
One guide for up to 6 participants



If you’re the athletic type and have a lot of endurance, a trip to the coast of the Black Sea might be just the right thing for you!

Discover beautiful natural landmarks, enjoy breathtaking views and simply let us take your breath. Starting at Rosa Valley or Rosa Plateau, our guides will lead you through ancient villages and magical yew and boxwood forests. Explore the wet and dry canyons of the ‘Psakho’ river and admire the beauty of our waterfalls. At the end of the day you will arrive at Khosta Beach – ready to dip into the water and be happy that you’ve made it!

Difficulty level: intermediate
Distance: 78 km
Duration time: 4-5 hours biking tours, 2-3 hours rest, 1 hour transfer back to Rosa Khutor
Our guides are welcoming you daily, until the end of October!

Biking tour

Do you like feasting and feeling no regrets afterwards? We have the perfect thing for you – a bike tour just for our foodies and gourmets! Discover secret recipes and admire the nature surrounding you. Find ancient dolmens and ride on historic roads. This tour is the perfect mix of eating, cycling and pleasant conversation. Philosophize about life, take in stunning scenery and simply let yourself go.

The tour starts at the Olympic Village or in the Valley of Rosa Khutor. From there we you can travel to the ‘Erfemov’ platform. After taking in amazing views of Krasnaya Polyana the next stops will be the ‘Maidens tears’ waterfall, the romantic ‘Chizepse’ valley. Swim in the clear mountain rivers and relax a little because the last stage before reaching the ‘Medoveevka’ village consists of a moderate ascent. At ‘Medoveevka’ local and homemade delicacies await you! A visit to the Russian Pub ‘Old Boys’ and their brewery is a must! Tender meats, spicy beers and an unforgettable atmosphere make this tour a truly unique experience!

Difficulty level: intermediate
Distance: 38 km
Duration time: 3 hours biking tours, 1-2 hours rest, 1hour transfer back to Rosa Khutor
The guided tour is available every day, until the end of October
One guide for up to 6 participants

Biking tour

It is for sure one of our most popular tours - mystical and fascinating at the same time. The track starts at Rosa Khutor (560m) or Rosa Plateau (1,100m). The route follows along a beautiful embankment past the Gazprom and Gorki Gorod resorts and then ascends to the historic 'Old Estonian' road through a forest. Further, you will reach a place with several complexes of dolmens – they are ancient tombs to bury the dead, built in the early Bronze Age, and were discovered in 1911. These dolmens are located in the Beshenka river valley with a water temperature of 5-6 degrees throughout the year. According to legends, the first settlers of Krasnaya Polyana were swimming in the river to pursue a long life. After a short rest, you will return back to Rosa Khutor.

Difficulty level: easy
Distance: 38 km
Duration time: 4 hours

Biking tour

This calm tour leads to the springs of mineral water. The Sochi National Park is a paradise for hobby sports people and children as well. You can add this tour to your to-do list when visiting Rosa Khutor resort. Cycling through the mountain valleys with rushing rivers, observing the spectacular surrounding country, and being in the fresh air - that is about enjoying life. This tour begins at Rosa Plateau (1,100m) or in the Rosa Valley (560m) and is perfect for beginners.

Difficulty: easy
Distance: 28 km
Duration time: 4 hours
The guided tour is available every day, until the end of October 


have you completed your bike tour? Then consider those activites to end your day in the perfect way!