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Whether you are looking for adventure, a place nice to see or just spending time with your friends, Rosa Khutor is an ideal place. The unique atmosphere, fresh air, fantastic food and a plenty of attractions will turn your days to a special moment.

We are committed to welcoming you in Rosa Khutor in a way that is safe and comfortable for our guests. We do our best to ensure that your wonderful stay at our resort will be remembered.

To make it easier for you to plan your holiday at Rosa Khutor, we have summarized some important points:

Citizens of most countries require a visa.  Most Latin American, East Asian countries, Israel and South African have visa-free arrangements with Russia. Arranging a visa is generally easy but consider the time and start your application process at least two weeks before your trip.
The Russian government has implemented the electronic visa system in order to expedite the process of applying for a visa to travel to select regions in the country.
More information:
Browse and book your accommodation with our booking tool or contact us to speak the local expert. We will be happy to help you. Be sure if you have booked all the services needed during your stay. And don’t forget to manage your transfer as well.
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Sochi is the main Russian holiday destination and is also called the “Russian Riviera”. The climate is moderate subtropical with long summers. Most rainfall is seen in January, October, November and December.  
Rosa Khutor resort located just 45 km from the Black see coast is well known for its unique climate. During the months May – October you are most likely to experience good weather with pleasant average temperatures that fall between 20 and 25 degrees. The coldest month is February, the warmest month is August.
What we do love? –  
A mild winter temperature, the green palm trees in Sochi and ski slopes with powder snow in Rosa Khutor.
Sunny and warm summer days in Sochi while fresh mountain air in Rosa Khutor.
Sochi National Park is Russia’s oldest national park, founded in 1983 and covers 1,937 km2 within the Western Caucasus World Heritage Site. We recommend you to stay on designated trails and manage the tours at our Active Holiday Center. There are some areas along the border with Abkhazia where a special permit will be requested. For more information contact us.


medical service & Pharmacy

Please note that there are not travel restrictions due to the Covid-19. 

If you think you might have coronavirus or other infection, please contact medical center in Rosa Khutor.