It's time to relax and enjoy

just lean back and let your mind wander

Being relaxed isn't about finding a balance between work and life, it's about finding your inner balance to make it feel amazing. That's why wе believe you are in the right place in Rosa Khutor.

Experience the relaxing hiking, the moments standing on the peak with the warm feeling of the sun's rays on your face, breathing the fresh mountain air, or the inspiring yoga retreats.    

Naturally relaxing is made for those who appreciate active days in the mountains combined with well-deserved breaks spoiling your body and mind.

The power of the Caucasus for your well-being


Why mountain holidays at Rosa Khutor has also a charm of the beach holiday? That's very easy: we have both, the mountains and the Black sea beach. Having a leisurely day in the fresh mountain air and walking or enjoying a sunset at the beach - it's COOL all the year.