our nature - a broad variety of unique landscapes

Rosa Khutor's home - the wonder of wild nature


The history of this location goes a long way back and is filled with ancient tales of glory and victory.
The passage of time brought a tradition of hospitality to the beautiful Mzymta river valley, making our employees, partners, and even guests contemporary carriers of this tradition.
We love the history of our region, rich with ancient narratives and legends, just waiting to be shared.

The Museum of Archeology

The Museum of Archeology at the Rosa Khutor resort invites you on a wonderful journey through its history. A large interactive exposition makes your visit entertaining. You will discover the beauty and diversity in the region. The materials were obtained during archeological research in the area of construction of Olympic facilities 2010-2014. 

The efforts of the Rosa Khutor resort to preserve the natural and historical heritage of the resort's territories made it possible to form a unique exhibition.

  • You will be amazed by the exposition in terms of the natural and cultural history of the Rosa Khutor area and Mzymta river, from the Stone Age to the New Age
  • Selected showpieces like weapons, household items, original and copies of artifacts show you how the people lived 
  • Interactive modules provide interesting facts about the animals of the Stone Age
  • A part of the exhibition talk about the ways of life during the Russian-Caucasian war
  • Virtual reality experience and fascinating world 


The Museum of Archeology is located in the Rosa Valley, at Rosa Square

Opening hours: 9.30AM - 8.30PM

Tickets: from 180 RUB 

The guided tours are held in the Russian language


Sochi National Park, established in 1983, became one of the first national parks in the country. It is a large natural site where subtropical vegetation is neighboring the snow-covered mountain peaks.

  • In the North-West it is bounded by the mouths of the Shepsi and Magri rivers
  • In the South-East by the border with Abkhazia
  • Its southern and northern borders are the Black Sea coast and the dividing line of the Main Caucasian ridge

The Sochi National Park covers an area of more than 190,000 ha. Due to its biological diversity, the number of the relic and endemic forms, broad variety and contrasts of landscapes, this natural territory stands alone in our country, and the presence of unique endemics among animals and plants that do not exist in any other parts of the world allows us to speak about the global significance of the Park.

The caucasian biosphere reserve

The Caucasus Biosphere Reserve is the richest treasury of biological diversity, which has no analogs in Russia. It is located in the Western Caucasus. It is an oasis of wild nature. The world of the Caucasian reserve is mountains with glaciers and snowfields, mountain rivers with rapid waterfalls, crystal clear lakes, vast alpine meadows with aromatic grasses, and bright flowers.

One of the most unique places in the reserve is Khostinskaya yew-boxwood grove. Here relict plant species are reserved which have survived the ice age. This is the virgin ancient-old forest filled with Caucasian endemics. On the skirt of the grove roe deer, wild boars, badgers, foxes, hares and bears habitat, you can meet a forest cat and jackal. On the path, tourists are accompanied by the singing of numerous forest birds, which is very interesting to observe. The symbol of the Caucasian reserve is a bison, the reserve was created for the protection of this species.

Welcome to the Black Sea Coast!

A narrow coastal strip edges the Black Sea, from where rolling hills ascend fairly rapidly into mountains in the southeast and low uplands in the northwest. A long summer from June to October gives rise to pleasant weather, plenty of sunshine and a warm sea. Sochi with its humid subtropical climate is a city of sea and palms. 

The Black Sea coast under the Caucasus Mountains includes 120 km of beaches. 


Sochi and the surrounding area are famous for its tea plantations, most northerly located in Europe.

Matsesta Black Tea with noble large leaves grows on the plantations of the Matsesta Valley among the mountains if the Caucasian range, harmoniously combines a bright aroma, fresh caramel flavor and a pleasant aftertaste. You can visit the plantation and factory followed by a tea tasting accompanied by local delicacies.