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The synergy of the Black Sea climate and the coastal Aibga Mountain is what makes our resort an unforgettable place and beloved destination all year long.

A breath of fresh sea air in the Caucasus Mountains

The Rosa Valley, a charming nature spot within the resort, is situated 560 meters above sea level. Guests love taking the "Strela" lift which transports you to Rosa Olympic village at Rosa Plateau at 1100 meters altitude. There you can experience an array of breathtaking 360 degree views of the Caucasus Mountains and don’t forget to stop by during sunset – you can thank us later. Offering a myriad of activities for those who like to stay active as well as those who prefer to relax and enjoy delectable local cuisine, the nature and beauty that surrounds the resort are what makes our guests keep coming back year after year.

After the resort hosted the Winter Olympic games in 2014, it evolved to become a widely sought after vacation spot for people from Russia as well as other countries.

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Rosa Khutor Resort

rosa valley - 560 m

Rosa Valley, a place where nature and rich heritage meet urban flair, attracts guests thanks to its unique sport, wellness and gourmet offerings.
The Town Hall Clock Tower is one of the most widely recognized symbols of our resort. Built to resemble a tower of the Sochi railway station, it has been included on the list of Russian architectural monuments of federal importance.
Come see us and get to know the region’s one-of-a-kind character by strolling through the Rosa Khutor valley and enjoying its lively river pier atmosphere.

Rosa Khutor Resort

Rosa Plateau -1170 m

Rosa Plateau is the main spot for skiing and other athletic activities. This broad, sunny plateau is very popular with guests thanks to its lush meadows, ancient tall forests and – of course - the majestic Caucasus mountains. Hiking and skiing enthusiasts will love exploring its idyllic trails and fresh slopes.
Whether you like to carve perfect lines in our legendary terrains or are up for a laid-back hike or day at the spa – the area offers something for every taste and personality.

Rosa Khutor Resort

Rosa Peak - 2320 M

Step onto Rosa Peak and you will find yourself surrounded by wild nature like you’ve never experienced it before. Simply take the “Caucasian Express” lift to arrive at the top and enjoy views you will never forget. Breathe in the fresh sea and mountain air, and leave with a renewed sense of freedom. 
Don’t forget to enjoy attractions such as our “Swing in heaven” or walk along the suspension bridge at 2320 meters.
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The mountains are the best place to re-energize, reload, and spend time outdoors. Our focus is on healthy and active recreation for the whole family. And while, as we often say here, the main market expert in winter is the snow, it is our duty to offer guests an affordable, comfortable and safe time in the mountains in summer. Thus tourists may choose the kind of vacation that is preferable for them. One will spend the whole day actively walking and collecting beauty and the other would prefer to immerse themselves in serene peace and distraction from the hustle and bustle. We work to ensure that each of our guests returns home with bags full of the best memories of their mountain trips.