Café & Bakery

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Café & Bakery


While for many people, coffee is just a drink or a wake up call, for some it's an experience like a wine tasting. That's why we are serious about the bean, and how we go about the craft of making coffee.

Our baristas know what they are doing, so you will always get a great coffee here. The coffe is making based on an espresso. Let's spoil you with double espresso(doppio), americano or ristretto.

Don’t forget to try one of the signature drinks such as the #DoubleHawaiianCappuccino #TheGingerbreadLatte or #TheMintMocha!

Where: Rosa Khutor Valley, Kamenka street 1
Open daily:
7.30 - 23.00
Book table:
+7 965 4690242

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Café & Bakery


Treat yourself to a cup of fresh coffee at Surf Coffee – a unique atmosphere, high quality products and friendly staff make this coffee place the perfect place for a quick break!

Don’t forget to try one of the signature drinks such as the #DoubleHawaiianCappuccino
#The GingerbreadLatte or #TheMintMocha!

Where: Rosa Olympic Village, Medovaya street 6, hotel Riders Lodge
Open daily: 07.00 - 23.00
Phone No.: +7 988 239 63 00

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Café & Bakery

"Paul Bakery" is located in the Mountain Olympic Village at an altitude of 1100m, it's the highest located bakery in Russia.

Enjoy delicious and freshly baked croissants, bread and Russian pastries!
Paul Bakery offers guests a menu featuring some top European classics – definitely worth a visit!

Where: Rosa Olympic Village, Medoveya street 8
Open daily: 09.00 - 21.00
For more information call: 8 995 122 49 18

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Cafe & Bakery

AYS Café

If you have a weakness for desserts then you need to pay AYS Café a visit! Delicious pastries accompanied by hot chocolate – what’s there not to love about it?

Let us share a little secret with you: AYS Café is open around the clock – if you like large assortments of beer or cocktails this place is the spot for you.

Where: Rosa Khutor - Olympic Village, Sulimovka street, 5
Open: 24/7
More information? +7 938 443 62 52

Enjoy a slice of best ingredients!

With bread, cheese and tomato sauce as its base, pizza might seem like a simple food. It isn't! The next time you are about to devour a slice, you'll be able to appreciate all of the fresh, locally-sourced ingredients of pizza that excite you. Rosa Khutor earned a reputation as hotspot for fantastic pizza.

Check our pizza places.

The interactive map of Rosa Khutor guarantees you'll always have a prefect overview of our resort.
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